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Clam Bucket Central!

We make all kinds of heavy duty clam buckets to suit every application from dredging to coal unloading. Suspension types include: free hanging cable, double cardan, fixed, indexable, free-rotating and hydraulic rotating. Call us today for a quote on the clam you need.

Here is a small sample of some of the clams we have built...
70EX Hydraulic Clam Bucket

70EX Hydraulic Clam Bucket


• Fully hydraulic bucket synchronization.
• No bogus syncro. gears or links.
• Four double acting cylinders.
• Built for a 100t class excavator.
• Indexable top mount.

70EX Hydraulic Clam Bucket


• Same great features.
• 70t class machine.

40EX Hydraulic Clam Bucket


• Deep dig application.
• For use with Nye Telescopic Jib.

70EX Hydraulic Clam Bucket


• Flame hardened pins.
• Aluminum-bronze bushings.
• T1 cutting edge and side cutters.

30EX Hydraulic Clam Bucket


• T1 wear parts.
• Hydraulic rotation.