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Pictured here are some of the types of loader buckets we typically build. We have full factory specifications for all major makes and models. Nye builds standard replacement buckets as well as specialized buckets to suit our customers demands.
Slag Bucket

Hot Slag bucket


• Heavy Duty construction.
• Designed specifically to suit the customers' application.

High Rolout Bucket

High-rollout bucket


• Heavy Duty design.
• Extra dump height for loading high trucks.

HD Loader bucket


• Unlimited options and configurations available.

Hot slag bucket


• Extremely tough.
• Designed for steel mill hot slag work.

GP Loader bucket


• Available for all makes and models.

Tire Bucket

Tire bucket


• Designed for tire recycling.
• T1 tines and wear plates.

Scrap Aluminum Bucket

Scrap Aluminum bucket


• Designed for aluminum recycling.
• Clamps aluminum scrap and dumps directly into smelter.

Stump Bucket

Stump bucket


• Heavy-duty T1 construction.
• Able to rip roots from the ground.

15LX1 Grabs

Loader bucket with grabs


• Super strong tines and pivot group.
• Bolt-on reversible cutting edges optional.
• HD cylinders.

Demolition Bucket

Demolition bucket


• Heavy-duty T1 construction.
• Demolish, doze & load with one machine.

Garbage Bucket

Oversize garbage bucket


• Heavy-duty spill guard.
• Bolt-on reversible cutting edges.
• Windows for improved visibility.

High-rollout bucket with trash clamps


• Provides extra dump height.
• Clamps increase effective capacity.


This video shows a Nye spade nose bucket in a typical quarry application blending material and loading a crusher.

This is just one of many prototype solid models we have created to show our design ideas to our customers.
In this case the customer requested a bucket that could be used to scoop living topsoil, including undisturbed grass and ant hills for transplantation.