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The Nye QAU Coupler - Its' the best there is, only from the King of Heavy Duty!

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Features of the Nye QAU (mechanical pin-grabber) Coupler

  • Super Heavy Duty Construction – Nye QAU (Quick Attach Unit) pin-grabber style couplers are designed for severe service in the most extreme construction, demolition and quarry applications.

  • Super thick front hooks - Resist flexing and provide extra wide pin contact area.

  • Alloy Steel - 120,000 psi quenched and tempered alloy steel front hooks eliminate deformation and breaking.

  • Double slotted hooks – Rear hooks are milled, providing 4 oversize flat sliding surfaces to endure the harshest pounding in dusty, gritty conditions.

  • Alloy clamping screw – Oversized alloy main clamping screw is virtually un-strippable. Provides years of trouble free, safe operation.

  • Base Plate Design – Eye plates and hooks are welded to a common foundation base plate eliminating breakage due to clumsy weld joints used on staggered side plate designs.

  • Easy to Service – The clamping screw, locking mechanism and main nut are easy to service without special tools or equipment. There are no slider pins to service, no inspection covers to remove and no springs, linkages or roll pins on the coupler.

  • Easy Installation – Just pin the coupler onto your machine with the factory bucket pins. Coupler is manually operated; no hydraulic or electrical installation is required.

  • Simple operation – Couple, uncouple and lock the coupler with one socket wrench (provided). There are no locking plates or fasteners to fumble with and loose.

  • Redundant safety – All Nye couplers feature a manually inserted safety bar that eliminates any chance of accidental uncoupling.

  • Open Design – Un-shrouded rear hooks provide excellent visibility for inspection and operator verification of hook engagement. Dirt and stones fall away and do not get impacted.

  • Lifting Lugs – Integral lifting lugs provide a convenient shackle point for heavy lifting.

  • Guaranteed – Like all our products, the Nye Mechanical QAU is guaranteed to please and covered by our limited warrantee.

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Built with extra thick 120,000 psi steel throughout for the ultimate in safety and reliability.


Manually engaged by turning the clamping screw with the supplied socket wrench. Requires no hydraulic or electrical connections.


Nye mechanical QAU’s have an extra thick QT100 baseplate that ties the mounting eyes together into one solid structural member.

QAU General Specifications
kg [lb]
C to C
9 – 14 t
[20 - 31]
12QAU 245 [540] 341 - 345
13 – 17 t
[29 - 37]
15QAU 295 [650] 373 - 391
16 – 24 t
[35 - 53]
20QAU 381 [840] 436 - 514
26 – 38 t
[57 - 84]
30QAU 862 [1,900] 427 - 514
35 – 50 t
[77 - 110]
40QAU 966 [2,130] 493 - 586
59 – 90 t
[130 - 198]
70QAU 1,588 [3,500] 536 - 607
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Nye Quick Attach Unit

Quick Attach Unit

• One operator can change attachments in minutes without special tools or sledgehammers and without struggling with heavy greasy bucket pins.
• Lift extra heavy loads by removing the bucket and lifting with the coupler only.

Custom Nye Quick Attach Unit

Custom Quick Attach Unit

• Can be built to suit virtually any excavator upper / lower combination.
• Uses standard attachments; there is no need to install receivers on your buckets.  (each attachment must have pins)  

Underside of Nye QAU

Quick Attach Unit (underside view)

• Simple rugged construction, withstands years of harsh pounding.
• Nye couplers have the greatest Pin Centre Range in the industry; Some larger models can accommodate attachments with pin centers out of spec. by as much as 2” [50mm] either way.