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Stealth Quick Coupler System

This is the rugged quick coupler with the unbeatable wedge design we originally developed for a steel mill over fifteen years ago.
The Stealth Quick Coupler System is a proven safe and reliable performer that has no moving parts to wear and has the largest mating surface of any system on the market.
Stealth couplers are available for all excavator makes and models ranging from 4 - 120t.


The Stealth Quick coupler system offers many advantages:

- Attachments lock on tight and don't rattle.
- Couple and uncouple using the power of your machine.
- Compact design, no loss of breakout force.
- Simple manual operation, no hydraulics required.
- Share attachments between machines regardless of make.
- Excellent for demolition grapples, hammers, stump harvesters etc.

Stealth Quick Coupler

• Nye's proven wedge design. (attachment lock-on tight)
• Rugged construction. (designed to be used with hydraulic hammers)
• Easy coupling on uneven ground.

Stealth Quick Coupler + Tilt Bucket

• Heavy-duty construction.
• Attachments lock on tight. There is no movement between the Coupler and Receiver; therefore Coupler wear is minimized.

Stealth Quick Coupler+ Bucket

• All machines in the same series can share attachments.
• Simple, safe, reliable locking system.
• Does not reduce the machine's break-out force.

Stealth Q5 Coupler

• No moving parts to wear.
• No need for extra valves.
• Designed for severe service.

Stealth QC mounted on bucket

• Change attachments in less than 5 minutes without heavy tools.
• Existing pin-on attachments can be fitted with weld-on Quick Coupler Receivers in the field.


Nye Q7H Stealth
Nye Super Stealth