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Nye builds custom Root Rakes to order.
We have the capability to build you a root rake to your specifications, our prices are competitive and you will have a prompt turn around.
All rake tines are totally T1 from top to bottom.
30RR6200 Root Rake


• Our latest design.
• Call for specs. and pricing.

30RR62(Volvo QC)

30RR62(Volvo QC Series)

• New design.
• Curved tines as per customer's needs.
• Designed to fit a Volvo QC.

20RR72 (QC)

• 72" Root Rake.
• Couples and locks on tight.
• Heavy-duty construction for harsh service and durability.

40RR72 (QC)


• 72" Root Rake.
• Superior penetration.
• Easily displaces and piles roots, as well as, small to medium stumps etc.

20RR72 (QC)


• Basic 72" QC Root Rake.
• Ideal for general land clearing.



• 60" Brush/Root Rake.
• Curved tines are designed to suit the customer's needs.

Brush/Root Rake


• 60" Brush/Root Rake.
• Special reversible design as per customers request.