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Nye has a wealth of experience with custom Rippers of all types for all applications. We specialize in heavy duty rippers that weigh more and rip better than standard duty rippers due to the increased down force provided by the extra weight. Our virtually unbreakable Rippers are available in two shank lengths, long and short and various tooth configurations to suit the customers’ needs and preferences.

MOAR™ - the Mother Of All Rippers
For extreme heavy duty ripping we offer the MOAR™ and Ultra-High Mass MOAR™ rippers. These rippers are built with extra heavy solid steel frames for increased down force. Ultra High Mass MOAR* Rippers feature heavy solid steel frames and added side weights for the ultimate in ripping power.

Swing Rippers
Our patented Swing Tooth Rippers are designed for trench work in shale and frozen ground; the shank can swing from side to side, is self-locking and requires no hydraulics.

Nye Ripper Types:

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  • 1- Heavy Duty Ripper:
    • Designed and built to handle severe frost and shale.
    • Extra heavy top plate for increased ripping down force.
    • Customer's choice of tooth and wear shrouds.
    • Customer’s choice of shank length.
    • Direct Pin-On and Quick Coupler versions.

  • 2- MOAR™ Ripper - Same features as our Heavy Duty Ripper plus:
    • Solid steel main frame.
    • The extra weight is added to the machines down force.
    • Increased penetration.
    • Superior ripping performance.

  • 3- Ultra High Mass MOAR™ Ripper - Same features as our MOAR™ Ripper plus:
    • Extra massive side weights.
    • Extreme down force for ultra-high penetration.
    • The UHM MOAR is so heavy the machine works just to lift it!
    • The ripping performance of this type of ripper is totally unmatched.

  • 4- Swing Ripper - Same features as our Heavy Duty Ripper plus:
    • Shank swings left right or center.
    • Able to rip square bottom trenches.
    • Able to rip trench walls.
    • Adjustable from the cab.
    • Mechanical operation, not hydraulics or extra controls.
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UHM MOAR™ Ripper

   Basic Ripper Specifications

Model Carrier Size Thickness  of Shank ( t ) Approx. Tooth Tip Radius ( r ) Tooth Make and Model
09RP1 EX09 1.25" 1030 mm HL25
12RP1 EX12 2.0" 1110 mm 25R12
15RP1 EX15 2.5" 1120 mm 25R12
20RP1 EX29
2.5" 1140 mm 25R12
25RP1 EX25
3.0" 1320 mm 35R15
30RP1 EX30
3.5" 1310 mm 35R15
40RP1 EX40 4.0" 1340mm 35R15
70RP1 EX70 4.0" QT100 1830 mm 4T5501


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