• Image of Side Slinger Bucket

    Side Slinger Bucket

    Nye Slinger Buckets are engineered to provide controlled side discharge on either side of the machine. Dual reversible direct drive hydraulic motors are side mounted for easy accessibility and maintenance. Both motors are fully adjustable to provide easy tensioning of the conveyor belt and hydraulic motors. Nye exclusive dual direct drive hydraulic motors eliminate jamming, […]

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  • Image of Side Dump Bucket

    Side Dump Bucket

    Nye SDB Side Dump Bucket double as a conventional or lateral dumping bucket and is designed to outperform in hard to maneuver work sites. The main boxed frame is built to last with QT100 quenched and tempered steel plate and AR500 in critical wear areas. Heavy torque plates and heavy walled bushings tie the pivot […]

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  • Image of Skeleton Bucket

    Skeleton Bucket

    Nye Skeleton Buckets are engineered using abrasion resistant and high strength materials to withstand the most severe service. Design types are available with perforated baskets or interlocked ribs and cross bars that meet the most demanding custom material separation applications. Both designs do not contain any moving parts and exceed OEM specs. Tapered vertically and […]

  • Image of Skid Crusher

    Skid Crusher

    Nye SKD heavy-duty Skid Crusher grapples are built to sort, load, crush/compact wooden skids and demolition debris. SKD crusher grapples feature a serrated structural tine design. The solid AR400 tines extend all the way from the tips to the hinge group forming super strong structure and are designed to provide extreme wear and impact resistance. […]

  • Image of MAX Grapples

    MAX Grapples

    Nye MAX grapples are designed for high capacity MSW (municipal solid waste) handling and for the most severe duty brush clearing applications. Custom solid tine configurations available to provide high performance material handling in any environment. Weld-on replaceable AR400 tine tips ensure high reliability and longer attachment life. The welded tips cannot fall off and […]

  • Image of Garbage Shear

    Garbage Shear

    Nye GSX Garbage shears are designed to cut Municipal Solid Waste into fine pieces for hi-density packing into trucks, saving transport costs and space in landfills over time. The GSX series features jaws with biomimetic teeth that bypass in shear, providing the right solution for mass waste handling and processing in limited spaces. The main […]

  • Image of Rotating Log Grapples

    Rotating Log Grapples

    Nye RHG rotating hydraulic log grapples are designed for production log loading under severe working conditions. The RHG series feature a super tough body structure with over-size pins & bushings that can take extreme pounding and prying. The wide tine openings allow easy, high-speed loading and placing of heavy logs. Heavy-wall tubes tie the jaws […]

  • Image of Mantis Buckets

    Mantis Buckets

    Nye invented the independent tine grapple bucket over 30 years ago. Our latest EXG series “Mantis” buckets feature twin self-synchronized hydraulic cylinders with tines that fold up and park over-center when not in use. The independent tines by-pass either side of the stick so you get maximum range of motion for uninterrupted digging. Ridged multi-tine […]

  • Image of Special / Misc. Buckets

    Special / Misc. Buckets

    Special Buckets – Years of combined experience and expertise makes Nye a leader in the industry of bucket manufacturing always with the customer in mind. We manufacture buckets and attachments for absolutely all applications. Give us a call and put our dedication and commitment working for you. All Nye buckets exceed manufacturers’ specifications regardless of class.

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  • Image of Thumbs – Standard

    Thumbs – Standard

    Nye standard “Weld-On” thumbs are supplied as a single unit that welds to the bottom plate of the excavator arm. This type of thumb is the simplest to install and the most common. The tips of the tines will be coincident with the bucket teeth at the normal operating position allowing the operator to pick […]

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