Loader Grab Forks

Nye GF Loader Forks were originally designed for loading large dimensional stone in quarries. The GF series feature heavy-duty, pin replaceable “blade” forks with fully tapered tips. The main frame is built to last with QT100 quenched and tempered steel plate and AR400 in critical wear areas. Heavy torque tubes tie the tines together and prevent twisting and racking of the structure. The top grabs are hydraulically operated by top mounted double acting cylinders that enable the secure handling of even the largest stone pieces. Oversize pivot pins and bushings ensure durability and long life. Direct pin-on or Quick Coupler mounting options. Custom versions are available to suit virtually any application.




  • Pin-on alloy blade forks for easy service.
  • Serrated clamping edge for extra grip.
  • Quenched & tempered and Abrasion Resistant alloy steel used throughout.
  • Twin double-acting hydraulic cylinders.
  • Super heavy-duty construction for full-time quarry operations.


CarrierModelWidth (A)
mm [in]
Height (B)
kg [lb]
20 - 30 t30GF31,800 [71]1,320 [52]
40 - 50 t40GF41,800 [71]1,500 [59]
60 - 80 t70GF52,500 [98]2,,150 [83]