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Our brochure is now available in hard copy and pdf format.

We would be happy to mail you a copy of the brochure if you send us your mailing address or, if you prefer, you may download it below.

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Spec Sheets

Spec Sheets

media iconAXE Stump Harvestermedia iconDGX Demolition Grapplemedia iconEngine Block Cracker (EBC)media iconEXT Engine Pullermedia iconGP (General Purpose) Bucketsmedia iconHD (Heavy Duty) Bucketsmedia iconHP (High Performance) Bucketsmedia iconIntegral Thumbmedia iconLSB Limestone Bucketmedia iconMechanical Quick Attach Unitmedia iconPin-On Thumbmedia iconRotating Rock Grapple (RRG)media iconRP1 Frost Rippermedia iconSHX Stump Harvestermedia iconT-Rex Pulverizermedia iconTelescopic Stick Extensionmedia iconTilt Unitmedia iconUHD (Ultra Heavy Duty) Bucketsmedia iconWeld-On Thumbmedia iconBX1 Loader Box Plowmedia iconCP4 Pulverizermedia iconLS1 Loader Scoop Bucketmedia iconPL1 Parallel-Link Stick Extensionmedia iconST Standard Stick Extensionmedia iconTL7 Tilt Bucketmedia iconSKD Skid Crushermedia iconEXF Excavator Forksmedia iconGF Loader Grab Forksmedia iconGSX Garbage Shearmedia iconLoader Scoop Bucketmedia iconExcavator Jibsmedia iconRotating Grab Forksmedia iconSide Dump Bucketmedia iconSkeleton Bucketmedia iconSide Slinger Bucketmedia iconProgressive Link Thumbmedia iconSlab Bucketmedia iconRipper Bucketmedia iconMAX Grapplemedia iconRHG Log Grapplemedia iconEXG "Mantis" Buckets

Take-off sheets

media iconBucket Eye Layoutmedia iconBucket Hook-upmedia iconBucketmedia iconSingle Hole Bracketmedia iconPin Grabbermedia iconArmmedia iconVolvo S type Couplermedia iconBracket


General Welding Procedures

Most Nye products are made from QT100 (T1 Structural) and AR400 (T1Abraision Resistant) Quenched & Tempered steel plate. This extra strong heat-treated alloy steel is heat sensitive and must be treated properly during welding to prevent any unwanted hardening, softening or embrittlement due to hydrogen contamination.

For more information, contact Nye technical support: 905 897 2311 or or e-mail us

Jan 31, 2000 | Apr 19, 2001 | Rev. 2-2003

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Bushing Maintenance

Instructions for changing Nye retainer type bushings.

Some Nye Contractors Grapples and Concrete Pulverizers feature special hardened steel or aluminum-bronze pivot bushings that double as retainers. These retainers are designed to keep the Grapple or Pulverizer halves together when the main pin is removed during mounting and dismounting.

For more help with this or any other Nye product please call engineering at: 905 897 2311 or or e-mail us

Rev. 0-1999

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Bucket Lifting Loops

Standard Nye bucket loops are provided as a customer convenience and are not rated for any particular load. They are designed for lifting the bucket and for securing the machine or bucket on a float during transport. Nye lifting loops are made of 44W or QT100 steel plate.

For questions regarding our price and availability call: 905 897 2311 or or e-mail us

May 7, 2001 | Rev. 0-2001

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Hydraulic Piping Instructions

Field installation of hydraulic pipes on Nye sticks and stick extensions.

Note: only the ends of pipe clamps need to be welded.

Nye sticks and extensions are made with QT100 Quenched & Tempered steel and must be pre-heated before welding. Please refer to the “General Welding Procedures” before starting.

For more information, contact Nye technical support at: 905 897 2311 or or e-mail us

Jan 31, 2000 | Rev. 0-2000

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Limited Warranty

Nye Manufacturing Ltd. (Nye) warrants its new products to be free from defects in material and workmanshipunder normal use and service to the original purchaser for a maximum of two (2) years from date of deliveryor 2,000 hours of service.

For questions regarding our warranty call: 905 897 2311 or or e-mail us

April 15, 2014

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Nye Privacy Policy

Nye Manufacturing Ltd. has no interest in collecting or using anyone’s personal or private information. Any personal information we collect or have on file will be kept confidential under the office manager and will be stored in a locked office in accordance with applicable Canadian privacy legislation.

More information regarding privacy rights and obligations can be found at: www.priv.gc.ca
For questions regarding our policy call: 905 897 2311 or or e-mail us

March 13, 2004

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Nye Accessibility Policy

In order to facilitate accessibility, Nye Manufacturing Ltd. is commited to eliminating all barriers that may interfere with the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.

For questions regarding our policy call: 905 897 2311 or or e-mail us

November 8, 2012

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Limit of Liability

Nye Manufacturing Ltd. Liability Terms and Conditions of Sale

For questions regarding our liability call: 905 897 2311 or or e-mail us

April 14, 2014

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