• Image of SHX Stump Harvesters

    SHX Stump Harvesters

    We’ve learned a lot about land clearing since building our first stump buckets over 25 years ago. Our new “SHX” stump harvesters represent the culmination of everything we’ve learned about high performance land clearing equipment. Two of the most important things to look for in a stump harvester: Durability – Splitting and ripping stumps produces […]

    stump harvesters
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  • Image of CP5 Pulverizers

    CP5 Pulverizers

    New for 2023, the Nye CP5 pulverizer outperforms hydraulic units in both primary and secondary crushing operations. The Biomimetic crushing jaws are modeled after bone crushing wolves teeth, including canine fangs for grasping and puncturing material while protecting the nose-plate from wear. Built entirely from extra thick quenched and tempered QT100 alloy plate. The replaceable […]

  • Image of Demolition Grapples

    Demolition Grapples

    Nye DGX premium quality demolition grapples are built for the most severe high-speed demolition, rock, and waste handling applications. DGX grapples feature a fully-boxed structural design. The continuous QT100 stringers extend all the way from the tips to the bridge forming super strong quenched and tempered box-sections, arranged both vertically, for bending, and horizontally, for […]

  • Image of CPX Pulverizers

    CPX Pulverizers

    Nye CPX High Rupture Force Pulverizer. The CPX is the latest in high-production concrete processing from the engineers at Nye. These revolutionary new, opposing-tooth pulverizers are designed for maximum performance in high-strength, steel-reinforced concrete. US and Canadian patents pending. The unique tooth arrangement on the Patented CPX and ultra-high force (short jaw) CPX and CPH […]

  • Image of GP Buckets

    GP Buckets

    General Purpose – buckets are designed for normal digging conditions including light shale and rock. These buckets are heavier than most OEM buckets and are considered heavy-duty by most in the industry.

  • Image of Conventional Pulverizers

    Conventional Pulverizers

    Experience has taught us how to build the strongest, most durable concrete pulverizer available today. The Nye CP4 series pulverizer represents our ninth generation design, built without compromise using the highest quality materials and workmanship. Every Nye CP4 series pulverizer is built with three different grades of quenched and tempered alloy steel for the ultimate […]

  • Image of Ditching Buckets

    Ditching Buckets

    Thirty years of Ditch Bucket design at your disposal. We offer all types, styles, and sizes: single radius, dual radius, flat bottom, round bottom, pin on, QC, horizontal straps, vertical straps, teeth, bolt-on edges, call us…

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  • Image of Tilt Buckets

    Tilt Buckets

    Nye Tilting Ditch Buckets have been continually improving over the last four decades. Our latest designs now feature a super strong one-piece QT100 front beam and twin double-acting hydraulic cylinders mounted low on the back where they belong, not on top or inside a compartment. Most models feature bolt-on edges and an onboard hydraulic control […]

  • Image of Loader Buckets

    Loader Buckets

    Nye builds a wide variety of custom loader attachments. Our loader buckets are built to order so you always get the correct bucket for your application.

    loader attachments
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  • Image of Blade Forks

    Blade Forks

    Nye builds a wide variety of custom loader Forks. Call us today for a quote on the forks you require.

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