• Image of AXE Stump Harvesters

    AXE Stump Harvesters

    The Nye AXE Stump Harvester is a less expensive alternative to our premium SHX Harvester for use where equipment cost is a deciding factor. The AXE shares many structural features of the SHX including the heavy duty bridge and hinge group, but the teeth and knife are simplified to reduce cost. The AR400 teeth and […]

    stump harvesters
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  • Image of CPK Pulverizers

    CPK Pulverizers

    New for 2023, the Nye CPK pulverizer features Quick Change “pin-on” teeth. CPK series pulverizers offer the same great features as the New CP5 series with the added convenience of quick change “pin-on” teeth that can be changed in the field without the need for a welder. CPK teeth offer the same high performance bypass […]

  • Image of CPH Pulverizers

    CPH Pulverizers

    Nye CPH High Rupture Force Pulverizer. The CPH is the latest in high-production concrete processing from the engineers at Nye. These revolutionary new, opposing-tooth pulverizers are designed for maximum performance in high-strength, steel-reinforced concrete. The unique tooth arrangement on the Patented CPH and ultra-high force (short jaw) CPH pulverizers work with direct tip-to-tip occlusion. This […]

  • Image of CPG Pulverizers

    CPG Pulverizers

    New for 2023, the Nye CPG Opposing Tooth mechanical pulverizer with quick change teeth, outperforms hydraulic units in both primary and secondary crushing operations. Biomimetic crushing jaws modeled after bone crushing wolves teeth, including canine fangs for grasping and puncturing material while protecting the nose-plate from wear. Built entirely from extra thick QT100 quenched and […]

  • Image of T-Rex Pulverizers

    T-Rex Pulverizers

    The Nye “T-Rex Pulverizer” is a new type of secondary concrete processor. It was engineered by using an approach to design called “Biomimetics“. Nye’s engineers studied the mechanics of how carnivores crush solid bone with their teeth and they coupled that with their extensive knowledge in the demolition industry to come up with the “T-Rex”. […]

  • Image of HP Buckets

    HP Buckets

    Nye HP (High Performance) buckets are designed to boost production. Nye HP buckets are built with thinner, stronger heat-treated alloy steels so they are very light, allowing faster cycle times. Designed specifically for basement contractors working in light to moderate conditions.

  • Image of HD Buckets

    HD Buckets

    Heavy-Duty – buckets are built with extra thick materials in all wear areas and are designed for severe rock and shale applications where extra impact and abrasion resistance is required.

  • Image of UHD Buckets

    UHD Buckets

    Ultra Heavy-Duty – These are the heaviest rock and demolition buckets we make. Originally designed in the 80’s for the most demanding shot-rock applications in Newfoundland and Northern Ontario. When you need extreme strength and wear resistance, specify Nye UHD.

  • Image of Ripper Buckets

    Ripper Buckets

    Nye Ripper Buckets have earned a reputation for extreme service in hard shale. We have perfected the ripper bucket in terms of profile and tooth position for larger machines . These buckets consistently outperform “V” type buckets of all makes, allowing the operator to rip and load in one operation. If you are working in shale […]

  • Image of Limestone Buckets

    Limestone Buckets

    Nye super heavy LSB series limestone buckets feature a new concept in easy to service “cleaver” cutting edges. These advanced “full convex” edges stay sharp longer than regular blades and are easy to service in the field thanks to the innovative blade clamping system. A sharp cutting edge is crucial for splitting and separating layers […]

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