CPH Pulverizers

Nye CPH High Rupture Force Pulverizer.

The CPH is the latest in high-production concrete processing from the engineers at Nye. These revolutionary new, opposing-tooth pulverizers are designed for maximum performance in high-strength, steel-reinforced concrete.

The unique tooth arrangement on the Patented CPH and ultra-high force (short jaw) CPH pulverizers work with direct tip-to-tip occlusion. This concentrates the rupture stress in one plane, directly between opposing teeth, maximizing cracking performance in all steel-reinforced concrete types.

Conventional pulverizer teeth typically bypass one-another, producing multiple shear planes. This results in lower rupture stresses applied to the material, and less than ideal cracking power. Conventional pulverizers also apply a “kinking action”, which tends to bunch and condense rebar into balls, producing a so-called “apocalyptic mess” of steel. CPX and CPH pulverizers tend to crack the concrete away, leaving the re-bar straighter, which can help with subsequent processing to produce marketable scrap.

CPX and CPH pulverizer front teeth protrude past the nose plates which facilitates fine picking and sorting of rebar and demolition debris on-site.

For the ultimate in high production concrete processing, nothing beats the performance of Nye CPX and CPH mechanical pulverizers.


Pulverizer Feature Matrix


  • Simple installation; pins on in place of normal bucket, back brace welds to underside of dipper-stick.
  • Simple, safe almost silent operation.
  • Recovers recyclable materials from steel reinforced concrete.
  • No extra hoses or valves required.