CPG Pulverizers

New for 2023, the Nye CPG Opposing Tooth mechanical pulverizer with quick change teeth, outperforms hydraulic units in both primary and secondary crushing operations.

Biomimetic crushing jaws modeled after bone crushing wolves teeth, including canine fangs for grasping and puncturing material while protecting the nose-plate from wear.

Built entirely from extra thick QT100 quenched and tempered alloy plate.

The AR500 alloy teeth are secured with heavy duty alloy pins and locks. A variety of tooth types and profiles are available to suit on-site conditions and processing requirements.

Nye CPG Concrete Pulverizers are easy to install, safe, silent to operate and available in Direct-Pin, Quick-Coupler and Pin-Grabber compatible versions.


Pulverizer Feature Matrix


  • Simple installation; pins on in place of normal bucket, back brace welds to underside of dipper-stick.
  • Simple, safe almost silent operation.
  • Recovers recyclable materials from steel reinforced concrete.
  • No extra hoses or valves required.