Limestone Buckets

Nye super heavy LSB series limestone buckets feature a new concept in easy to service “cleaver” cutting edges. These advanced “full convex” edges stay sharp longer than regular blades and are easy to service in the field thanks to the innovative blade clamping system.

A sharp cutting edge is crucial for splitting and separating layers of sedimentary rock. Conventional welded cutting edges with flame cut bevels tend to dull quickly, impacting performance and production. Changing a welded cutting edge is costly and time consuming, requiring special skills and equipment plus extended machine down time.

Nye’s new clamp in cutting edge system solves the dull-edge problem. The edges can be flipped or changed on site quickly by one man with a socket wrench, no welding or special tools required. The blade is in two pieces, so you can flip the blades and get four corners to wear instead of two giving twice the blade life and twice the production.

Advanced edge geometry – AR500 material with CNC machined “Full Convex” profiles make LSB edges stronger and longer lasting than flame-cut bevel or compound bevel cutting edges. The replacement blades are sophisticated, yet simple in design so replacement cost is minimal.

The bucket body is made with extra thick solid steel plate. The LSB850 has 100mm [4”] thick sides, top plate, basket and eyes plus 180mm [7”] thick laminated AR400 bottom. This extreme mass makes pounding seams and splitting rock easy.

With a heavy bucket and sharp edge the operator can separate layers of rock easily by pounding the cutting edge into seams and cracks. The mass of the bucket does the work, not the excavator, like a man using a sledge hammer delivering powerful blows with no injury to himself.


  • The mass of the bucket does the hard work.
  • Primarily for use on stratified sedimentary rock.
  • CNC machined, Full Convex, AR500 cutting edge. Reversible and replaceable.
  • Solid steel bucket construction, laminated design, QT and AR steel.


ModelWeight kg [lb]Width mm [in]
16 - 24 t
[35 - 53]
LSB2002,073 [4,562]1,118 [44]
22 - 28 t
[48 - 62]
LSB2503,672 [8,095]1,118 [44]
26 - 38 t
[57 - 84]
LSB3505,116 [11,255]1,118 [44]
35 - 50 t
[77 - 110]
LSB4506,775 [14,905]1,118 [44]
48 - 60 t
[106 - 132]
LSB6009,261 [20,417]1,270 [50]
59 - 90 t
[130 - 198]
LSB85011,748 [25,845]1,444 [57]