The Tomahawk is a unique tool for sizing and shaping carbonate sedimentary rock.
Nye engineers have perfected the art of turning ideas, and design concepts into profitable working solutions. 3D modeling, and force vector analysis, helps ensure that form follows function, and maximum performance is attained.
This is a tool that quickly cuts, and trims dimensional limestone. The TMK design is based on our customer’s own ideas. A 7″ thick solid steel baseplate, and 11,000 pound gross mass helps the TMK slice through thick slabs easily, without pounding the carrier.
The Tomahawk uses Nye’s patented Cleaver cutting edge system, which permits rapid rotation, and replacement of the hardened AR500 alloy blades. Replacement blades are resharpened in our Mississauga CNC milling facility.
Like the Nye LSB limestone bucket, the TMK has helped revolutionize the production of high value dimensional stone products in the Silurian and Devonian limestone and dolostone formations of Southern Ontario.