CBT Chuck Blade

The Nye CBT Tilt Chuck Blade features super strong QT100 front and rear beams.
The Heavy-duty double acting cylinders are strategically mounted low on the back, over a sloped bridge plate, which promotes self clearing of mud, stones and debris.
Heavy duty bolt-on edges are standard. The hydraulic control valve provides load holding/relieving, speed control, side hose hookup and hose management functions.
All Nye CBTs have a full 90° tilt range, 45° left and 45° right, with high holding power.
Built for outstanding strength, serviceability and long life. Nye CBTs are available in quick coupler and direct-pin versions.




  • Super heavy pivot group.
  • Double acting cylinders.
  • Load control valve.
  • Protected cylinders.
  • Heavy QT100 moldboard.
  • Gusseted base edge.
  • AR400 sides and wear straps.
  • Optional Side Wings.
  • Quick Coupler options.


CarrierModelBlade Size (A)
Weight (B)
kg [lb]
16 - 24 tCBT20086 X 422, 850
22 - 28 tCBT25086 X 424, 600
26 -38 tCBT35086 X 425, 200
35 -50 tCBT450122 X 627, 450
48 -60 tCBT600122 X 6210, 650
59 -90 tCBT850122 X 7412, 350
  • Specifications subject to change
  • CBT350 Model Shown
  • Units of measure: kg [lb] and mm [in]