Slab Buckets

Nye Slab Buckets are custom built for all slab removal and handling operations. Custom widths and profiles are available that match the jobsite conditions, so you get the best performing bucket available.
Inside profiles can be round or square for thick slab applications. Serrated teeth on the upper surface of the tines hold slabs in place and reduce slipping.
Nye slab buckets can be equipped with a basic clean base edge, “re-pointer bar” cutting edges or teeth of any type and configuration.
All Nye buckets exceed OEM specifications for strength and toughness. Extra thick AR400 and QT100 steel plates offer maximum strength and durability. Nye Slab buckets are designed to endure pounding and prying that would destroy most competitive brand buckets.
Available in various designs and custom patterns, Nye Slab Buckets can be built for direct pin-on mounting (using OEM bucket pins) or pin grabber compatible, or any type of dedicated quick coupler system.
Nye has a proud reputation of working closely with customers to develop new patterns specifically suited for their application. Every Nye bucket is built to order and designed to properly fit your machine.




  • Extreme service virtually indestructible.
  • Heavier alternative to OEM buckets.
  • Available for Pin-on and all Quick Coupler types.
  • Custom widths, profiles and types available.
  • Customers’ choice of G.E.T.


mm [in]
mm [in]
07 - 11 t09SB1320 [13]203 [8]
09 - 14 t12SB1800 [31]290 [11]
13 -17 t15SB11,195 [47]310 [12]
16 -24 t20SB11,250 [49]480 [19]
26 -38 t30SB11,345 [53]480 [19]
35 -50 t40SB11,490 [59]600 [24]
59 -90 t70SB11,829 [72]600 [24]

  • Specifications subject to change
  • 12SB1 Model Shown
  • Units of measure: kg [lb] and mm [in]