Thumbs – Integral

Nye Integral Thumbs are hinged directly on the bucket so they come off clean when the bucket is uncoupled. Excellent for loading demolition debris, wood waste, armor stone, etc. Designed to work with most quick couplers, the Integral Thumb stays with the bucket at all times. This allows other attachments to be coupled without interference from the thumb. The Integral Thumb cylinder and bracket can be used with some other attachments like Grapples or Stump Harvesters. Consult our engineering department to determine compatibility with your existing equipment.

Quick Couplers (Stealth)

This is the rugged quick coupler with the unbeatable wedge design Jack Nye developed for a steel mill almost thirty years ago. The Stealth Quick Coupler System is a proven safe and reliable performer that has no moving parts to wear and has the largest mating surface of any system on the market.

Super Stealth is our latest hydraulic offering for 70 – 120 ton machines. Super Stealth features an increased wedge angle for easier coupling, a hydraulic latch that keeps the coupler tight and totally redundant locking pins for the ultimate in safety.


Direct pin or QAU compatible mechanical shear. No extra hydraulics required.


Nye builds custom heavy-duty excavator jibs for a wide variety dredging, demolition and high-reach applications.

Nye jibs pin-on in place of your bucket and increase the reach of your excavator. For most applications, Nye recommends direct pin-on mounting with increased pin centers for durability and improved digging forces. Standard center distances are offered where Pin-Grabber mounting is required.

Standard bucket linkages and cylinders are available and are usually one size class smaller than the base machine depending on jib length and application.

All Nye Jibs are built with QT100 structural steel for maximum strength and minimum weight.

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High-Lift Bracket

Gives more height. Converts easily.

Nye Manufacturing Ltd. designs and builds custom High-Lift brackets to fit various excavator sizes and models. Nye High-Lift brackets provide the extra ability for the operator to reach higher and perform moderate to high teardown/demolition jobs.Simple bracket welds to underside of the boom; The cylinders can be switched to operate in either the factory or Nye High-lift positions.

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Engine Puller / Stripper

The Nye EXT is a heavy-duty stripping and sorting tool with continuous rotation and integral shear blade. The hydraulic rotator allows the operator to grip, flip, snip, rotate and pull a car to pieces in just a few minutes. The QT100 frame is super strong, and the replaceable tips mesh point to point for excellent fine picking and sorting.

Engine Block Cracker

Designed to separate aluminum from ferrous metals in auto engine blocks and transmissions. A heavy duty crushing tool with continuous rotation and AR500 pulverizing teeth. The hydraulic rotator allows the operator to position the jaws over the block. Engine blocks, exhaust manifolds and crankshafts snap easily. In only a few seconds, the entire engine is reduced to a pile of “Corn Flakes” that can be swept over with a magnet to pull the ferrous out, leaving a clean pile of aluminum chips.

Demolition Grapples

Nye DGX premium quality demolition grapples are built for the most severe high-speed demolition, rock, and waste handling applications. DGX grapples feature a fully-boxed structural design. The continuous QT100 stringers extend all the way from the tips to the bridge forming super strong quenched and tempered box-sections, arranged both vertically, for bending, and horizontally, for torsional loads.

DGX grapple tines are exposed through the back skin to provide extreme wear and impact resistance. Extra thick AR400 wear plates in strategic locations give long life and are easy to replace when needed.

Nye fast acting DGX grapples are simple to install, no hydraulics are required. Pin-on, Quick Coupler and Pin-Grabber versions mount in place of the bucket, a three position bracket with a rigid brace welds to the underside of the excavator arm.

Continuous-tine design makes Nye DGX grapples the strongest in the world! Our superior performance under the worst conditions proves this claim.