Garbage Shear

Nye GSX Garbage shears are designed to cut Municipal Solid Waste into fine pieces for hi-density packing into trucks, saving transport costs and space in landfills over time. The GSX series features jaws with biomimetic teeth that bypass in shear, providing the right solution for mass waste handling and processing in limited spaces. The main frame is built to last with QT100 quenched and tempered steel plate and AR500 in critical wear areas. Heavy wall torque tubes tie the jaws together and prevent twisting and racking of the structure. Oversize pivot pins and bushings ensure durability and long life. The optional high-pressure brace cylinder with rod guard allows optimum jaw positioning under all working conditions. Direct pin-on or Quick Coupler versions are available to suit virtually any heavy duty MSW application.




  • Massive torque tubes absorb twisting forces.
  • Biomimetic jaws bypass in shear.
  • Quenched & tempered and Abrasion Resistant alloy steel used throughout.
  • Proven jaw design eliminates jamming and stalling.
  • Super heavy construction, smashes through anything.


CarrierModelWidth (A)
mm [in]
Height (B)
kg [lb]
16 - 24 tGSX200705 [28]1,448 [57]
22 - 28 tGSX250800 [31]1,500 [59]
26 -38 tGSX350900 [35]2,005 [79]
35 -50 tGSX450910 [36]2,155 [85]

  • Specifications subject to change
  • GSX200 Model Shown
  • Units of measure: kg [lb] and mm [in]