Custom root rakes of all types and sizes. Nye heavy-duty rakes are cut from the very best high strength QT100 and AR400 alloy steels. Customers’ choice of teeth, rake width, tine length and spacing. Our improved tine profiles make Nye rakes the choice of contractors nation-wide. Available in direct pin-on or quick-coupler versions. Optional hydraulic thumb and root cutting blades.

Quick Attach Units

Most versatile quick coupler system. Rugged QT100 construction. Wide coupling range. Simple and safe to operate.

Blade Forks

Nye builds a wide variety of custom loader Forks. Call us today for a quote on the forks you require.

High-Lift Bracket

Gives more height. Converts easily.

Nye Manufacturing Ltd. designs and builds custom High-Lift brackets to fit various excavator sizes and models. Nye High-Lift brackets provide the extra ability for the operator to reach higher and perform moderate to high teardown/demolition jobs.Simple bracket welds to underside of the boom; The cylinders can be switched to operate in either the factory or Nye High-lift positions.

Call for a quote on your requirements, let us put our experience to work for you.

Excavator Rippers

Nye has likely built more custom rippers for different machines than any other attachment manufacturer. Our virtually unbreakable rippers are available with various shank lengths and tooth configurations. Our patented Swing-Tooth ripper is excellent for trenching in shale and frozen ground, the shank is self-locking and requires no hydraulics. The “MOAR” is a new weighted ripper concept designed to increase penetration.


Ripper Feature Matrix

Excavator Arms (Sticks)

At Nye, we design, build, modify and repair more types of excavator boom systems than any other manufacturer.

We use only the finest quality QT100 steel plate, low hydrogen flux-core welding wire and hardened alloy pins & bushings.

Earth Boring Equipment

Earth Boring Equipment Fabrication and Repair: Nye performs repairs, modifications and also fabricates specialized earth boring equipment. Our expertise and special skills were gained through more than 50 years in the business. Please call us today for a quote, let us put our experience to work for you.