The Tomahawk is a unique tool for sizing and shaping carbonate sedimentary rock.
Nye engineers have perfected the art of turning ideas, and design concepts into profitable working solutions. 3D modeling, and force vector analysis, helps ensure that form follows function, and maximum performance is attained.
This is a tool that quickly cuts, and trims dimensional limestone. The TMK design is based on our customer’s own ideas. A 7″ thick solid steel baseplate, and 11,000 pound gross mass helps the TMK slice through thick slabs easily, without pounding the carrier.
The Tomahawk uses Nye’s patented Cleaver cutting edge system, which permits rapid rotation, and replacement of the hardened AR500 alloy blades. Replacement blades are resharpened in our Mississauga CNC milling facility.
Like the Nye LSB limestone bucket, the TMK has helped revolutionize the production of high value dimensional stone products in the Silurian and Devonian limestone and dolostone formations of Southern Ontario.



Rotating Log Grapples

Nye RHG rotating hydraulic log grapples are designed for production log loading under severe working conditions. The RHG series feature a super tough body structure with over-size pins & bushings that can take extreme pounding and prying. The wide tine openings allow easy, high-speed loading and placing of heavy logs.
Heavy-wall tubes tie the jaws together to prevent twisting and racking of the structure. Guarded high-pressure hydraulic cylinders provide ample clamping force under all working conditions. Full hydraulic tine-synchronization means no troublesome linkages or bell-cranks, the virtually indestructible divider/combiner valve keeps both tines in sync at all times.
Our heavy-duty rotators feature 3600 continuous rotation with oversized bearings and drive motors.
All RHG grapples are custom built to suit your excavator.
Direct pin-on or Quick Coupler versions are available to suit virtually any heavy-duty logging application.

Rotating Loader Forks

Nye builds a wide variety of custom rotating Loader Forks that allow easy handling of piles, lumber, shoring, pipes, and logs.
Built for handling shoring equipment and erecting drill casings, this versatile attachment features extra thick heavy-duty forged forks that ensure years of reliability and dependability.
Oversize alloy pivot pins and bushings ensure durability and long life.
Dual direct acting rotate cylinders with overload protection and oversize excavator slewing ring are virtually indestructible. No delicate gears, motors or bearings to smash.
Direct pin-on or Quick Coupler mounting options. Custom versions are available to suit virtually any application.

Call us today for a quote. Let us build the custom forks for your next job!

Garbage Shear

Nye GSX Garbage shears are designed to cut Municipal Solid Waste into fine pieces for hi-density packing into trucks, saving transport costs and space in landfills over time. The GSX series features jaws with biomimetic teeth that bypass in shear, providing the right solution for mass waste handling and processing in limited spaces. The main frame is built to last with QT100 quenched and tempered steel plate and AR500 in critical wear areas. Heavy wall torque tubes tie the jaws together and prevent twisting and racking of the structure. Oversize pivot pins and bushings ensure durability and long life. The optional high-pressure brace cylinder with rod guard allows optimum jaw positioning under all working conditions. Direct pin-on or Quick Coupler versions are available to suit virtually any heavy duty MSW application.

Tilt Units

Nye tilt units have evolved alongside our tilt buckets. Our latest designs now feature 90 degrees of total rotation and the same heavy-duty double acting cylinders and hardened alloy pivot group as found in our long lasting tilt buckets.

Stone Hoppers

Heavy-duty stone hoppers from the King of heavy-duty. These money and time saving products are built to last for years on the most demanding job sites.

Stone Boat

Nye offers high tensile steel plate and structural tube frame Stone Boats designed for easy handling with excavators and on-site equipment. Custom designs and capacities to meet your specific needs.

Quick Couplers (Stealth)

This is the rugged quick coupler with the unbeatable wedge design Jack Nye developed for a steel mill almost thirty years ago. The Stealth Quick Coupler System is a proven safe and reliable performer that has no moving parts to wear and has the largest mating surface of any system on the market.

Super Stealth is our latest hydraulic offering for 70 – 120 ton machines. Super Stealth features an increased wedge angle for easier coupling, a hydraulic latch that keeps the coupler tight and totally redundant locking pins for the ultimate in safety.

Snow Plows

Custom snow plows for municipalities, airports, and contractors. We design, build and repair all types of snow removal equipment from Ramp Dozers to Box Plows to Turbojet Engine Snow Blowers!


Direct pin or QAU compatible mechanical shear. No extra hydraulics required.