Rotating Log Grapples

Nye RHG rotating hydraulic log grapples are designed for production log loading under severe working conditions. The RHG series feature a super tough body structure with over-size pins & bushings that can take extreme pounding and prying. The wide tine openings allow easy, high-speed loading and placing of heavy logs.
Heavy-wall tubes tie the jaws together to prevent twisting and racking of the structure. Guarded high-pressure hydraulic cylinders provide ample clamping force under all working conditions. Full hydraulic tine-synchronization means no troublesome linkages or bell-cranks, the virtually indestructible divider/combiner valve keeps both tines in sync at all times.
Our heavy-duty rotators feature 3600 continuous rotation with oversized bearings and drive motors.
All RHG grapples are custom built to suit your excavator.
Direct pin-on or Quick Coupler versions are available to suit virtually any heavy-duty logging application.




  • Heavy wall tubes absorb twisting forces.
  • Wide clamping range handles large loads.
  • Quenched & tempered and Abrasion Resistant alloy steel used throughout.
  • Hydraulic synchronization eliminates troublesome linkages and bell cranks.
  • Oversize pins and bushings for durability and long life.


CarrierModelWidth (A)
mm [in]
Height (B)
mm [in]
kg [lb]
16 - 24 tRHG200N/AN/AN/A
22 -28 tRHG2501,295 [51]1,081 [43]2,480 [59]
26 -38 tRHG3502,095 [82]1,074 [67]1,850 [73]
35 -50 tRHG450N/AN/AN/A

  • Specifications subject to change
  • RHG350 Model Shown
  • Units of measure: kg [lb] and mm [in]