MAX Grapples

Nye MAX grapples are designed for high capacity MSW (municipal solid waste) handling and for the most severe duty brush clearing applications.
Custom solid tine configurations available to provide high performance material handling in any environment.
Weld-on replaceable AR400 tine tips ensure high reliability and longer attachment life. The welded tips cannot fall off and damage down-stream processing equipment.
Engineered for maximum capacity, MAX grapples offer superior high speed bailing of large bulk loads. All quenched and tempered construction keeps weight down improving swing times and fuel efficiency.
Easy to install, safe and silent to operate MAX grapples are available in pin-on, quick coupler or pin-grabber compatible versions.




  • Extra high capacity, designed high production MSW loading and bailing.
  • Light weight / high strength tines for reduced fuel consumption.
  • Wide grapple opening for easy loading and high fill factor.
  • Simple installation, no extra hydraulics required.
  • Pin-on and Quick Coupler compatible versions available.


CARRIER [x1000lbs]MODELWidth
mm [in]
mm [in]
22 - 28 t
[48 - 62]
MAX2501,330 [52]1,500 [59]
26 - 38 t
[57 - 84]
MAX3502,330 [92]2,000 [79]
35 - 50t
[77 - 110]
MAX4502,994 [118]2,903 [114]
48 - 60t
[106 - 132]
MAX4503,330 [131]3,050 [120]
  • Specifications subject to change
  • MAX450 Model Shown
  • Units of measure: kg [lb] and mm [in]