Excavator Rippers

Nye has likely built more custom rippers for different machines than any other attachment manufacturer. Our virtually unbreakable rippers are available with various shank lengths and tooth configurations. Our patented Swing-Tooth ripper is excellent for trenching in shale and frozen ground, the shank is self-locking and requires no hydraulics. The “MOAR” is a new weighted ripper concept designed to increase penetration.


Ripper Feature Matrix


ModelCarrier SizeThickness of Shank (t)Approx. Tooth Tip Radius (r)Tooth Make and Model
09RP1EX091.25"1030 mmHL25
12RP1EX122.0"1110 mm25R12
15RP1EX152.5"1120 mm25R12
20RP1EX292.5"1140 mm25R12
25RP1EX253.0"1320 mm35R15
30RP1EX303.5"1310 mm35R15
40RP1EX404.0"1340 mm35R15
70RP1EX704.0" QT1001830 mm4T5501