CCS Cross Cutting Shear

The Nye CCS heavy duty Cross Cutting Shear is our solution for high production log cross-cutting operations under the most demanding conditions.
The CCS features a profiled AR500 main cutting blade with a convex edge for maximum strength and toughness. This is the same CNC sculpted full-convex edge used on our premium SHX compound blade stump harvesters.
Dual AR400 anvils provide a bypass type striking surface for the blade, making quick work of large logs, stumps and roots while protecting the edge.
The replaceable AR400 teeth and CNC contoured piercing tip are welded-in, so they won’t fall out and damage grinders and downstream equipment.
Nye CCS shears are easy to install, safe, silent to operate and available in Direct Pin, Pin Grabber and Quick Coupler versions.

SHX Stump Harvesters

We’ve learned a lot about land clearing since building our first stump buckets over 25 years ago. Our new “SHX” stump harvesters represent the culmination of everything we’ve learned about high performance land clearing equipment.

Two of the most important things to look for in a stump harvester:

Durability – Splitting and ripping stumps produces extreme twisting and prying forces. Only a super strong harvester like the SHX can stay together under these conditions.

Performance – A good harvester is one that can slice through the toughest stumps, grub-out all the roots and rocks, and split large hardwood logs with ease. Nye harvesters can do this and much more.

AXE Stump Harvesters

The Nye AXE Stump Harvester is a less expensive alternative to our premium SHX Harvester for use where equipment cost is a deciding factor. The AXE shares many structural features of the SHX including the heavy duty bridge and hinge group, but the teeth and knife are simplified to reduce cost.

The AR400 teeth and piercing tip are welded-in, so they can’t fall out and damage grinders and other downstream equipment. Simple maintenance, by welding and hard-facing, keeps the points sharp and ready for action. The AXE Harvester has no regular consumable parts to buy.
Advanced blade geometry – The AXE Harvester has a single, welded-in AR500 blade with the same CNC sculpted, full-convex edge as used on our premium SHX compound-blade Harvesters. You get the same heavy duty blade edge technology in a less expensive and easy to maintain Harvester.

A single AR400 anvil provides a solid striking surface for the blade, making quick work, cross-cutting brush, logs and roots.

Nye AXE Harvesters are offered in 3 basic mounting configurations: Direct Pin-On, Dedicated Quick Coupler, and Pin-Grabber compatible. The operator can adjust the angle of the blade using the three position support bracket or an optional hydraulic cylinder.

All AXE Stump Harvesters are built to order, with mounting pin-groups made specifically for the excavator. You get a dedicated tool that fits properly, and has the latest design advancements built-in.

AXE – Where value, strength and performance come together.