Telescopic Extensions

Designed for deep excavating, ditching, dredging and pond work. Nye telescopic stick extensions pin-on in place of the OEM bucket, cylinder and linkages. No cutting or welding required. QT100 quenched and tempered structural steel construction for maximum strength and minimum weight. Available for excavators ranging from 20 to 85 tons.

Standard Extensions

Extra reach for deep excavating, demolition, and dredging. Standard stick extensions mount on your existing bucket pin, no cutting or welding required. QT100 structural steel plate fabrication for maximum strength and minimum weight. For excavators ranging from 15 to 100 tons.

Parallel-Link Extensions

Our most popular and versatile option for extra reach. Useful for deep excavating, demolition and dredging. No cutting, welding or extra hydraulics required. Parallel-Link extensions simply pin onto the end of your existing stick. QT100 structural steel, low hydrogen flux core welds, hardened alloy pins and bushings throughout ensure maximum durability on demanding jobs. Available for 8 to 100 ton machines.

Loader Arm Extensions

Nye builds custom Arm Extensions for all loaders. We offer both Weld-On and Pin-On types. Please call for a quote.


Nye builds custom heavy-duty excavator jibs for a wide variety dredging, demolition and high-reach applications.

Nye jibs pin-on in place of your bucket and increase the reach of your excavator. For most applications, Nye recommends direct pin-on mounting with increased pin centers for durability and improved digging forces. Standard center distances are offered where Pin-Grabber mounting is required.

Standard bucket linkages and cylinders are available and are usually one size class smaller than the base machine depending on jib length and application.

All Nye Jibs are built with QT100 structural steel for maximum strength and minimum weight.

Call for a quote today, let us put our experience to work for you.

Excavator Arms (Sticks)

At Nye, we design, build, modify and repair more types of excavator boom systems than any other manufacturer.

We use only the finest quality QT100 steel plate, low hydrogen flux-core welding wire and hardened alloy pins & bushings.

Demo Viper

This tool increases reach for light to medium demolition jobs. Excellent for stripping brick veneer, pulling-off siding and pushing-over block walls and structures. The Viper has a lightweight QT100 box section with AR400 fangs and a top mounted deflector plate to help control sliding debris.

The claws on our “Viper” demolition tool are modeled after a cat’s claw – one of the most effective profiles in nature for grasping and tearing surfaces. With the introduction of biomimetic claws, the Viper out-performs previous designs allowing the separation of brick veneer and insulation from wall structures without premature wear and blunting. Read more about our Intelligent Designs inspired by Biomimetics.