It’s all in the design

It starts with the right people and it ends with the right solution – with a little help from mother nature. We’ve learned many tips and tricks in the last 65 years and Biomimetics is one that gives Nye engineers the edge in superior attachment design.

Biomimetics: (also known as bionics or biomimicry) is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to the design of engineering systems.

The best attachments start with the best design. Nye engineers are constantly searching for new ways to improve work tool performance and durability, and biomimetics is playing an increasing role in shaping Nye’s product line-up.

The claws on our “Viper” demolition tool are modeled after a cat’s claw – one of the most effective profiles in nature for grasping and tearing surfaces. With the introduction of biomimetic claws, the Viper out-performs previous designs allowing the separation of brick veneer and insulation from wall structures without premature wear and blunting.

The latest concrete pulverizers from Nye now feature biomimetic teeth that yield improved penetration and cracking ability. Nye’s asymmetric retro-curved teeth are similar to bone crushing wolf teeth – the line of action is aligned with the strength of the tooth. Just like the wolf, pulverizer jaws pivot about a fixed point.

Nye demolition grapples feature biomimetic serrations, like a lobster claw, that help keep seized items from sliding out. The tines overlap and are spaced apart like alligator teeth to prevent re-bar jams and the brace is made thicker in the center to resist bending like the human femur or thigh bone.

Inspiration and imagination comes to the rescue of excellence when designing our attachments and this is taken directly from nature’s best profiles.
Our latest design depicts the usage of the Wahoo organic biomimetic teeth which improves shear, penetration and incorporates the best cracking ability in our attachment. Nye’s GSX Garbage shears are designed after this superior ability present in the marine wildlife.
Like the Wahoo jaws, the tines bypass in shear, are spaced apart resembling these teeth thus providing the right solution for mass waste handling and processing in limited spaces.

We could tell you more here, but the best way to see how biomimetics can help with your next demolition job is to contact Nye and get Mother Nature working for you.

Intelligent design doesn’t just strengthen your equipment, it strengthens your business.

Attachment excellence – it’s in our DNA.