Nye Manufacturing Ltd. is a family owned metal fabricating business with a primary focus on custom attachments. Founded in 1952 by Jack Nye, our company offers expertise developed through more than 70 years of building, modifying, and repairing heavy equipment of all types.

Even before the terrible world war of 1939-1945, JC (Jack) Nye knew he would dedicate his life’s work to his love of metalworking. His passion for the hammer and forge grew from his childhood life on the farm and from his training as a blacksmith in England in the 1930’s.

The wartime Navy taught Jack many hard learned lessons of discipline, self-control, and respect – important lessons he has always shared with his family.

After the war, Jack came to Canada, got a job and then called for his wife Rosalind and daughter Laura to join him so they could start a new, better life and build the Nye family metalworking business.

The successful and respected business that Nye is today has grown from Jack’s early efforts and over seventy years of hard work from family, a great team of dedicated men and women, and our loyal, trusting customers.