Mantis Buckets

Nye invented the independent tine grapple bucket over 30 years ago. Our latest EXG series “Mantis” buckets feature twin self-synchronized hydraulic cylinders with tines that fold up and park over-center when not in use. The independent tines by-pass either side of the stick so you get maximum range of motion for uninterrupted digging. Ridged multi-tine versions are available for applications requiring more than two tines.
The easy to service hydraulic cylinders are protected by an integrated Load Control valve which provides load holding and relieving, synchronization, speed control and hose management functions. The cylinders are protected, which means damage due to overload and drift due to leakage is virtually eliminated. Servicing is simple and there are no complex sliding rotary seals or internal splines or gears to grind and smash.
Independent tines conform to odd shaped loads for a secure grip. The tines are tapered and fully boxed QT100 steel for maximum strength and durability. Serrations in the tines provide the right balance of grip without damaging plastic culverts and materials used in road building.
The over-center function gives the tines 180 degrees of rotation without the need for linkages or complex “cuckoo-clock” rotary actuators. With gravity assist, the tines fold-up over the top of the bucket to allow full, uncompromised digging functionality. The bucket profile is not altered by the tines or any bulky actuator mechanism, so you get the best digging bucket with a fully tapered body, dual basket radii and proper wear plates just like a regular bucket.

MAX Grapples

Nye MAX grapples are designed for high capacity MSW (municipal solid waste) handling and for the most severe duty brush clearing applications.
Custom solid tine configurations available to provide high performance material handling in any environment.
Weld-on replaceable AR400 tine tips ensure high reliability and longer attachment life. The welded tips cannot fall off and damage down-stream processing equipment.
Engineered for maximum capacity, MAX grapples offer superior high speed bailing of large bulk loads. All quenched and tempered construction keeps weight down improving swing times and fuel efficiency.
Easy to install, safe and silent to operate MAX grapples are available in pin-on, quick coupler or pin-grabber compatible versions.

Rotating Log Grapples

Nye RHG rotating hydraulic log grapples are designed for production log loading under severe working conditions. The RHG series feature a super tough body structure with over-size pins & bushings that can take extreme pounding and prying. The wide tine openings allow easy, high-speed loading and placing of heavy logs.
Heavy-wall tubes tie the jaws together to prevent twisting and racking of the structure. Guarded high-pressure hydraulic cylinders provide ample clamping force under all working conditions. Full hydraulic tine-synchronization means no troublesome linkages or bell-cranks, the virtually indestructible divider/combiner valve keeps both tines in sync at all times.
Our heavy-duty rotators feature 3600 continuous rotation with oversized bearings and drive motors.
All RHG grapples are custom built to suit your excavator.
Direct pin-on or Quick Coupler versions are available to suit virtually any heavy-duty logging application.

Skid Crusher

Nye SKD heavy-duty Skid Crusher grapples are built to sort, load, crush/compact wooden skids and demolition debris.

SKD crusher grapples feature a serrated structural tine design. The solid AR400 tines extend all the way from the tips to the hinge group forming super strong structure and are designed to provide extreme wear and impact resistance. Triple heavy-duty torque tubes resolve bending and twisting forces and keep the tines spaced for optimum crushing.

The tines are profiled with biomimetic teeth that effectively smash skids and debris into splinters. Extra thick AR400 tips provide long life and are easy to replace when needed. The tips are welded-on so they can not fall-off and damage down stream equipment.

Heavy-duty, long stroke cylinders provide smooth independent tine motion and extreme crushing forces for snapping wood and compacting materials.  Optional cylinder rod guards are available.

Pin-on, Quick Coupler, Pin-Grabber and free-swinging versions are available. One auxiliary hydraulic circuit operates the cylinders. No weld-on stick bracket is required.

Rotating Rock Grapples

Nye builds a wide range of custom heavy-duty rotating rock, demolition and log grapples, all designed for the most severe applications. Fully boxed QT100 tines give maximum strength and durability without excessive weight. We offer full hydraulic rotation and knock around types in either two-pin fully positioned or single-pin cardanic yoke configurations.

Engine Puller / Stripper

The Nye EXT is a heavy-duty stripping and sorting tool with continuous rotation and integral shear blade. The hydraulic rotator allows the operator to grip, flip, snip, rotate and pull a car to pieces in just a few minutes. The QT100 frame is super strong, and the replaceable tips mesh point to point for excellent fine picking and sorting.

Demolition Grapples

Nye DGX premium quality demolition grapples are built for the most severe high-speed demolition, rock, and waste handling applications. DGX grapples feature a fully-boxed structural design. The continuous QT100 stringers extend all the way from the tips to the bridge forming super strong quenched and tempered box-sections, arranged both vertically, for bending, and horizontally, for torsional loads.

DGX grapple tines are exposed through the back skin to provide extreme wear and impact resistance. Extra thick AR400 wear plates in strategic locations give long life and are easy to replace when needed.

Nye fast acting DGX grapples are simple to install, no hydraulics are required. Pin-on, Quick Coupler and Pin-Grabber versions mount in place of the bucket, a three position bracket with a rigid brace welds to the underside of the excavator arm.

Continuous-tine design makes Nye DGX grapples the strongest in the world! Our superior performance under the worst conditions proves this claim.