T-Rex Pulverizers

The Nye “T-Rex Pulverizer” is a new type of secondary concrete processor. It was engineered by using an approach to design called “Biomimetics“.

Nye’s engineers studied the mechanics of how carnivores crush solid bone with their teeth and they coupled that with their extensive knowledge in the demolition industry to come up with the “T-Rex”.

The lower and upper meshing and replaceable incisors intersect tip to tip. This provides a fine point of pick-up for smaller items, like bits of re-bar that tend to contaminate the concrete pile.

The hydraulic brace gives operators the choice to articulate the lower jaw, allowing the pulverizer to be positioned in numerous configurations. The rod on the hydraulic brace is protected from falling debris by a sliding rod guard that was developed specifically for this application.


The T-Rex has multiple uses on a job site. It includes, but is not limited to, precision picking and sorting of reclaimable materials, using it as a shovel to dig through debris piles, and separating reinforcing rod from concrete demolition debris.


Custom fabricated with 120,000 psi quenched & tempered steel plate, hardened pins and aluminum bronze bushings throughout.

Engine Block Cracker

Designed to separate aluminum from ferrous metals in auto engine blocks and transmissions. A heavy duty crushing tool with continuous rotation and AR500 pulverizing teeth. The hydraulic rotator allows the operator to position the jaws over the block. Engine blocks, exhaust manifolds and crankshafts snap easily. In only a few seconds, the entire engine is reduced to a pile of “Corn Flakes” that can be swept over with a magnet to pull the ferrous out, leaving a clean pile of aluminum chips.

Concrete Pulverizers

Experience has taught us how to build the strongest, most durable concrete pulverizer available today. The Nye CP4 series pulverizer represents our ninth generation design, built without compromise using the highest quality materials and workmanship. Every Nye CP4 series pulverizer is built with three different grades of quenched and tempered alloy steel for the ultimate combination of strength, toughness and wear resistance. Our solid AR500 teeth are welded in so they can’t fall out and jam your crusher. Our patented ripper option features a 4 position ripper shank for sorting, prying, ripping and flipping slabs.