• Image of Demolition Grapples

    Demolition Grapples

    Nye DGX premium quality demolition grapples are built for the most severe high-speed demolition, rock, and waste handling applications. DGX grapples feature a fully-boxed structural design. The continuous QT100 stringers extend all the way from the tips to the bridge forming super strong quenched and tempered box-sections, arranged both vertically, for bending, and horizontally, for […]

  • Image of GP Buckets

    GP Buckets

    General Purpose – buckets are designed for normal digging conditions including light shale and rock. These buckets are heavier than most OEM buckets and are considered heavy-duty by most in the industry.

  • Image of Ditching Buckets

    Ditching Buckets

    Thirty years of Ditch Bucket design at your disposal. We offer all types, styles, and sizes: single radius, dual radius, flat bottom, round bottom, pin on, QC, horizontal straps, vertical straps, teeth, bolt-on edges, call us…

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  • Image of Tilt Buckets

    Tilt Buckets

    Nye Tilting Ditch Buckets have been continually improving over the last four decades. Our latest designs now feature a super strong one-piece QT100 front beam and twin double-acting hydraulic cylinders mounted low on the back where they belong, not on top or inside a compartment. Most models feature bolt-on edges and an onboard hydraulic control […]

  • Image of Loader Buckets

    Loader Buckets

    Nye builds a wide variety of custom loader attachments. Our loader buckets are built to order so you always get the correct bucket for your application.

    loader attachments
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  • Image of HP Buckets

    HP Buckets

    Nye HP (High Performance) buckets are designed to boost production. Nye HP buckets are built with thinner, stronger heat-treated alloy steels so they are very light, allowing faster cycle times. Designed specifically for basement contractors working in light to moderate conditions.

  • Image of HD Buckets

    HD Buckets

    Heavy-Duty – buckets are built with extra thick materials in all wear areas and are designed for severe rock and shale applications where extra impact and abrasion resistance is required.

  • Image of UHD Buckets

    UHD Buckets

    Ultra Heavy-Duty – These are the heaviest rock and demolition buckets we make. Originally designed in the 80’s for the most demanding shot-rock applications in Newfoundland and Northern Ontario. When you need extreme strength and wear resistance, specify Nye UHD.

  • Image of Ripper Buckets

    Ripper Buckets

    Nye Ripper Buckets have earned a reputation for extreme service in hard shale. We have perfected the ripper bucket in terms of profile and tooth position for larger machines . These buckets consistently outperform “V” type buckets of all makes, allowing the operator to rip and load in one operation. If you are working in shale […]

  • Image of Slab Buckets

    Slab Buckets

    Nye Slab Buckets are custom built for all slab removal and handling operations. Custom widths and profiles are available that match the jobsite conditions, so you get the best performing bucket available. Inside profiles can be round or square for thick slab applications. Serrated teeth on the upper surface of the tines hold slabs in […]

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