• Image of SHX Stump Harvesters

    SHX Stump Harvesters

    We’ve learned a lot about land clearing since building our first stump buckets over 25 years ago. Our new “SHX” stump harvesters represent the culmination of everything we’ve learned about high performance land clearing equipment. Two of the most important things to look for in a stump harvester: Durability – Splitting and ripping stumps produces […]

    stump harvesters
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  • Image of Demolition Grapples

    Demolition Grapples

    Nye DGX premium quality demolition grapples are built for the most severe high-speed demolition, rock, and waste handling applications. DGX grapples feature a fully-boxed structural design. The continuous QT100 stringers extend all the way from the tips to the bridge forming super strong quenched and tempered box-sections, arranged both vertically, for bending, and horizontally, for […]

  • Image of Loader Buckets

    Loader Buckets

    Nye builds a wide variety of custom loader attachments. Our loader buckets are built to order so you always get the correct bucket for your application.

    loader attachments
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  • Image of Blade Forks

    Blade Forks

    Nye builds a wide variety of custom loader Forks. Call us today for a quote on the forks you require.

  • Image of AXE Stump Harvesters

    AXE Stump Harvesters

    The Nye AXE Stump Harvester is a less expensive alternative to our premium SHX Harvester for use where equipment cost is a deciding factor. The AXE shares many structural features of the SHX including the heavy duty bridge and hinge group, but the teeth and knife are simplified to reduce cost. The AR400 teeth and […]

    stump harvesters
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  • Image of HP Buckets

    HP Buckets

    Nye HP (High Performance) buckets are designed to boost production. Nye HP buckets are built with thinner, stronger heat-treated alloy steels so they are very light, allowing faster cycle times. Designed specifically for basement contractors working in light to moderate conditions.

  • Image of HD Buckets

    HD Buckets

    Heavy-Duty – buckets are built with extra thick materials in all wear areas and are designed for severe rock and shale applications where extra impact and abrasion resistance is required.

  • Image of UHD Buckets

    UHD Buckets

    Ultra Heavy-Duty – These are the heaviest rock and demolition buckets we make. Originally designed in the 80’s for the most demanding shot-rock applications in Newfoundland and Northern Ontario. When you need extreme strength and wear resistance, specify Nye UHD.

  • Image of CBT Chuck Blade

    CBT Chuck Blade

    The Nye CBT Tilt Chuck Blade features super strong QT100 front and rear beams. The Heavy-duty double acting cylinders are strategically mounted low on the back, over a sloped bridge plate, which promotes self clearing of mud, stones and debris. Heavy duty bolt-on edges are standard. The hydraulic control valve provides load holding/relieving, speed control, […]

  • Image of CCS Cross Cutting Shear

    CCS Cross Cutting Shear

    The Nye CCS heavy duty Cross Cutting Shear is our solution for high production log cross-cutting operations under the most demanding conditions. The CCS features a profiled AR500 main cutting blade with a convex edge for maximum strength and toughness. This is the same CNC sculpted full-convex edge used on our premium SHX compound blade […]

    stump harvesters
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