Mantis Buckets

Nye invented the independent tine grapple bucket over 30 years ago. Our latest EXG series “Mantis” buckets feature twin self-synchronized hydraulic cylinders with tines that fold up and park over-center when not in use. The independent tines by-pass either side of the stick so you get maximum range of motion for uninterrupted digging. Ridged multi-tine versions are available for applications requiring more than two tines.
The easy to service hydraulic cylinders are protected by an integrated Load Control valve which provides load holding and relieving, synchronization, speed control and hose management functions. The cylinders are protected, which means damage due to overload and drift due to leakage is virtually eliminated. Servicing is simple and there are no complex sliding rotary seals or internal splines or gears to grind and smash.
Independent tines conform to odd shaped loads for a secure grip. The tines are tapered and fully boxed QT100 steel for maximum strength and durability. Serrations in the tines provide the right balance of grip without damaging plastic culverts and materials used in road building.
The over-center function gives the tines 180 degrees of rotation without the need for linkages or complex “cuckoo-clock” rotary actuators. With gravity assist, the tines fold-up over the top of the bucket to allow full, uncompromised digging functionality. The bucket profile is not altered by the tines or any bulky actuator mechanism, so you get the best digging bucket with a fully tapered body, dual basket radii and proper wear plates just like a regular bucket.


  • Rugged hydraulic cylinders, no cuckoo clock gears to smash or complex seals to blow.
  • Individual tines bypass the stick for uninterrupted digging. Ridged multi-tine option available.
  • Wide range of motion. Tines fold over center and park when not in use.
  • Independent motion, tines grip odd shaped loads securely.


ModelWidth mm [in]Weight kg [lb]
16 - 24 t
[35 - 53]
EXG200914 [36]1,361 [3,000]
22 - 28 t
[48 - 62]
EXG2501,067 [42]
1,565 [3,450]
26 - 38 t
[57 - 84]
EXG3501,448 [57]
1,769 [3,900]
35 - 50 t
[77 - 110]
EXG4501,473 [58]
2,744 [6,050]
48 - 60 t
[106 - 132]
EXG6001,524 [60]
4,241 [9,350]
60 - 90 t
[130 - 198]
EXG8501, 829 [72]
4,785 [10,550]