Skid Crusher

Nye SKD heavy-duty Skid Crusher grapples are built to sort, load, crush/compact wooden skids and demolition debris.

SKD crusher grapples feature a serrated structural tine design. The solid AR400 tines extend all the way from the tips to the hinge group forming super strong structure and are designed to provide extreme wear and impact resistance. Triple heavy-duty torque tubes resolve bending and twisting forces and keep the tines spaced for optimum crushing.

The tines are profiled with biomimetic teeth that effectively smash skids and debris into splinters. Extra thick AR400 tips provide long life and are easy to replace when needed. The tips are welded-on so they can not fall-off and damage down stream equipment.

Heavy-duty, long stroke cylinders provide smooth independent tine motion and extreme crushing forces for snapping wood and compacting materials.  Optional cylinder rod guards are available.

Pin-on, Quick Coupler, Pin-Grabber and free-swinging versions are available. One auxiliary hydraulic circuit operates the cylinders. No weld-on stick bracket is required.

UHD Buckets

Ultra Heavy-Duty – These are the heaviest rock and demolition buckets we make. Originally designed in the 80’s for the most demanding shot-rock applications in Newfoundland and Northern Ontario. When you need extreme strength and wear resistance, specify Nye UHD.

Thumbs – Standard

Nye standard “Weld-On” thumbs are supplied as a single unit that welds to the bottom plate of the excavator arm. This type of thumb is the simplest to install and the most common. The tips of the tines will be coincident with the bucket teeth at the normal operating position allowing the operator to pick up small items. Available with a rigid mechanical brace or hydraulic cylinder.

Thumbs – Pin-On

Nye “Pin-On” thumbs pivot directly on the bucket (or coupler) pin. This allows the tines to follow the bucket teeth and stay coincident at all angles. Pin-on thumbs work well with both conventional and pin grabber style quick couplers. Buckets and attachments can be changed using the coupler, saving the need to pull the main pin each time.

All Nye pin-on thumbs come with a case-hardened alloy main pin, heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder, and mounting bracket (optional high pressure cylinder available). Nye also builds progressive link, integral, and special purpose thumbs.

Thumbs – Integral

Nye Integral Thumbs are hinged directly on the bucket so they come off clean when the bucket is uncoupled. Excellent for loading demolition debris, wood waste, armor stone, etc. Designed to work with most quick couplers, the Integral Thumb stays with the bucket at all times. This allows other attachments to be coupled without interference from the thumb. The Integral Thumb cylinder and bracket can be used with some other attachments like Grapples or Stump Harvesters. Consult our engineering department to determine compatibility with your existing equipment.

Quick Couplers (Stealth)

This is the rugged quick coupler with the unbeatable wedge design Jack Nye developed for a steel mill almost thirty years ago. The Stealth Quick Coupler System is a proven safe and reliable performer that has no moving parts to wear and has the largest mating surface of any system on the market.

Super Stealth is our latest hydraulic offering for 70 – 120 ton machines. Super Stealth features an increased wedge angle for easier coupling, a hydraulic latch that keeps the coupler tight and totally redundant locking pins for the ultimate in safety.

Standard Extensions

Extra reach for deep excavating, demolition, and dredging. Standard stick extensions mount on your existing bucket pin, no cutting or welding required. QT100 structural steel plate fabrication for maximum strength and minimum weight. For excavators ranging from 15 to 100 tons.

Special / Misc. Excavator Buckets

Special Buckets – Years of combined experience and expertise makes Nye a leader in the industry of bucket manufacturing always with the customer in mind. We manufacture buckets and attachments for absolutely all applications. Give us a call and put our dedication and commitment working for you.

All Nye buckets exceed manufacturers’ specifications regardless of class.

SHX Stump Harvesters

We’ve learned a lot about land clearing since building our first stump buckets over 25 years ago. Our new “SHX” stump harvesters represent the culmination of everything we’ve learned about high performance land clearing equipment.

Two of the most important things to look for in a stump harvester:

Durability – Splitting and ripping stumps produces extreme twisting and prying forces. Only a super strong harvester like the SHX can stay together under these conditions.

Performance – A good harvester is one that can slice through the toughest stumps, grub-out all the roots and rocks, and split large hardwood logs with ease. Nye harvesters can do this and much more.


Custom root rakes of all types and sizes. Nye heavy-duty rakes are cut from the very best high strength QT100 and AR400 alloy steels. Customers’ choice of teeth, rake width, tine length and spacing. Our improved tine profiles make Nye rakes the choice of contractors nation-wide. Available in direct pin-on or quick-coupler versions. Optional hydraulic thumb and root cutting blades.